Get Involved

Looking for a way to get involved with Calais Food Collective?

Join our team, commit to regular donations or help from afar.

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Helping in Calais

If you would like to volunteer with us in Calais, please get in contact with us via


Due to the nature of this work, we’re looking for people who are self motivated and happy to stay for 2-3 months minimum. 


Volunteer with us !

Helping from a distance

Help from a distance can be equally valuable


If you have some disposable income and would like to support CFC directly: please sign up as a regular donor by clicking here. Regular supporters are invaluable to our long term sustainability.


If you have any friends or family whose work involves large quantities of food, tea, coffee, olive oil or cooking equipment: we’d love to hear from you, and try to convince you to convince them to make a generous donation.


If you have family, friends (or you yourself) work at a company with its own charitable foundation: please get in contact! Many charitable foundations prefer supporting causes recommended from within the company, and we can help send materials to show the need is desperately high.  


If you would like to run your own fundraiser (eg. running a marathon, jogging 5k, a workplace dressing up competition, a primary school disco):  we’d be happy to send you flyers with more info on our work and we’d be hugely grateful!


If you’d like to run your own fundraiser but you’re not sure quite what: we can chat on the phone and think of ideas. Drop us an email to get the conversation started.


If you would like to do a pots and pans collection: we can advise you on what pots and pans are most useful and help you find cars driving to Calais if you aren’t able to do so yourself.


In addition to the above: You (your friends and family) can download Lilo, a solidarity search engine, and use it instead of google. Click here to see how this can earn us money.